Friday, February 4, 2011

art and political voice

i did a double-major undergraduate degree in fine arts and political science.  at the time, i barely knew what the combination of the two streams of learning meant in terms of vocation and career, i just knew that i had a fascination and passion and skill for both.  last summer, the two came together in a perfect and inspiring way. 

art and creative expression melds with activism and political voice...   

Sunday, January 23, 2011

chrysalis yoga

the most amazing experience last night..

i was asked to cater an assortment of raw/vegan desserts for a staff welcoming party at a new yoga studio and vegan cafe opening up in north burlington.  i've known the owners, clayton and shanine, for over a year now, through my father and the burlington yoga centre, and they are almost-near-complete of the entire studio space.

and wow oh wow, what a magnificent space it is...i was blown away the moment i stepped in....

two big sun-light practice rooms, a practioners room, spacious changerooms, a gorgeous front entrance, and an awesome space for the cafe....phenomenal energy...its called Chrysalis Yoga.

they've put so much work and soul into this place, go check it out if you're in burlington!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

a weekend in parkdale

the dufferin grove co-op
melbourne monday dinners
big beautiful home

sharing and laughing and cooking
kitchen love
yummy whole local good foods
politics :)

guests who are now a part of the home
quiet spaciousness
busy and bustling and outrageous convesation

jewels and gems and charms :)

landing spot
comfort and support
up, up and away...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

the pedagogy of food

ok, first things first, what the heck is pedagogy?

it is a set of instructions, resources and tools for learning and education.  it is the study of education in and of itself.  so the pedagogy of food is like the study of food and learning, food and education.  and this learning can happen in so many places and spaces.  how about the dinner table, learning about food through conversation and discussion around a shared meal.  how about experiential learning through cooking and preparing and preserving and playing in the kitchen.  how about place-based learning, like at a farmers' market, or an local grocery store, or at an actual farm.  (or a corporate owned super-market, experiential learning of how disconnected we have become from our actual food sources - food comes from the soil, not the super-market shelf!)  so many ways in which we learn (and un-learn) about our regional, national and global food systems. 

i graduated from my masters in adult education and community development at oise/ut in the spring, and now, i have the amazing opportunity to audit a winter course.  wednesday mornings i'm at and bloor, downtown toronto, seventh floor, in rm 7-192 participating in "the pedagogy of food", facilitated by dr. jennifer sumner.  i took one of her courses two and a half years ago, my first semester at oise, on "adult education for sustainability".  needless to say, jennifer's perspective to food, agriculture, urban gardening, local food networks, sustainability, and rural development is grounded in an amazing critical and progressive framework.  so many people in the course are involved in local, sustainable, equitable and accessible, food organizations in the city.  here's the course description:

Special Topics in Adult Education: The Pedagogy of Food

Following the lead of American essayist Wendell Berry, who has argued that eating is an agricultural act, this course will focus on the idea that eating is also a pedagogical act. What do we learn, and unlearn, from the food we eat? How is the food on our plate connected to such issues as food systems, food politics, food justice, food security, food sovereignty and food movements? Can we consume our way into a more sustainable future, or does this simply reinforce our current unsustainable way of life? This course will explore these and other questions, keeping in mind that food can be a catalyst for learning, resistance and change.

so amazing!

and what i love about oise, about this course, is the encouragement of praxis.

so what the heck is praxis?

theory/ideas/discussion/thoughts - practice/action/application/contribution

its about having a solid theoretical framework and putting that into practice, into work and contribution out into the world.  its about our life's work being grounded in purpose and mission and vision.  its about having both an understanding of ideas and concepts, and having the resources and ambition to push that idea into right-action.

i've loved oise the moment i walked into that place, two and a half years later, as an alumni, the place still excites me, thrills me, and lights me up!

Friday, January 7, 2011

a year into..

                                                            finding ground....

                                                       bright big love....

sweet earth....

                                                       city rocking and rolling....

moving up, up, up....

balance of dark and light....

                                                  peace, shine and stillness....

such incredible contributions...

i have AMAZING people in my life doing AMAZING things!
here are some of their links, check out what they're up too, and check back with them often, they are constantly innovating and creating and building and inspiring...

the lovely lisa:

powerful stephanie:


dan and his comrades:

jjjjjjustin (if you're ever in the berkshires with a tight back!)

and a shout out to some of those who don't have websites, but are doing incredible things:

jason, creative, innovative, brilliant professional chef, works in vancouver and is highly skillful at what he does, him + food = magic in the kitchen....

 vanessa, my sis, so alive in her body, shes a trapeze artist, works, teaches and performs at a handful of circus venues, so talented and beautiful in her body...

nicola, compassionate, attentive, highly skillful at her role as a professional life coach, working in toronto, she's makes the most incredible imprint on those who have the opportunity to work with her...

and so many other phenomenal people in my life i haven't even mentioned doing fantastic and postitive things...what extraordinary contributions we all share out into the world :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

on vocation: the mystery of risk

“Vocation is not a goal that I pursue. It means a calling that I hear. Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am. To deeply understand vocation as voice, we must go beyond what is initially visible and audible, to that which has rhythm, movement, and feeling. Voice is not the externalization of sound and words. Literally and metaphorically, voice is not located in the mouth or on the tongue where words are formed. Voice is deeper. Words are only a small expression of that depth.”

Lederach’s The Moral Imagination